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A list of all State of Vermont payments to vendors. The payments shown here are exclusive of direct payments to state employees for salaries, benefits, and, prior to May 2013, employee reimbursable expenses. The payments are also exclusive of any payments deemed confidential by state and/or federal statutes and rules, or the confidential nature of the recipients of certain payments, like direct program benefit payments. (Approximately 1% of all non-employee payments are excluded under these guidelines.) Payments are made through the VISION statewide financial system. Agencies and departments are responsible for entering their transactions into VISION. While VISION is the state’s principal financial system, it is not the sole financial system in use by the state. This data is not intended to be legal advice nor is it designed or intended to be relied upon as authoritative financial, investment, or professional advice. No entity affiliated with, employed by, or constituting part of the state of Vermont warrants, endorses, assures the accuracy of, or accepts liability for the content of any information on this site.
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